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DermaPen, also known as microneedling is a procedure that stimulates and rejuvenates collagen and elastin applying mechanical stimulation. This can be done with a special device with numerous microneedles that puncture the skin. The micro-injuries rely on the body's natural ability and physiological induction to collagen to repair skin. Because the skin is more permeable it is able to be used to create concentrated cocktails.

The microcirculation and oxygenation of tissues are enhanced. The tension of the skin is increased significantly. The appearance of wrinkles mimics begin to diminish and the contour and oval shape of the face are noticeably improved.

Modern microneedling employs a machine that operates on the basis of skin pricking that is automated with pulsed needles. Microneedles penetrate to a depth from 0.5 millimeters to 2 millimeters that allows for the application of active substances deep in the dermis.
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Microneedling Pompano Beach provides a broad range of treatments. A series of microneedling treatments stimulates regenerative mechanisms that combat the signs of aging skin like wrinkles and loss of firmness. It's extremely efficient in reducing stretch marks. It's a potent weapon against other defects when combined with the right treatments.

What is the reason why microneedling works?

If you live in Pompano Beach, FL you should like this procedure. The wide range of therapeutic indications and the excellent results make DERMAPEN an all-purpose device suitable for all types of skin and most of the common skin issues, so we can achieve the following therapeutic benefits:

Fractional Micropuncture increases collagen production and stimulates the healing process. It helps improve skin tone and texture, boosts blood supply, nutrition, and lessens wrinkles.

Discoloration- Due to the ability to regulate melanogenesis processes It is possible to attain uniform skin color and shape.

Scar reduction - By improving the appearance of skin, we can reduce the appearance of acne scars as well as post-operative and post-scalding ones. By stimulating regenerative processes our body is able to create new skin cells from within, which replaces the scar. So, we don't just operate from the exterior but also rebuild skin structure from within.

Stretch marks - in this case is a similar process to fractional micro-puncture can help treat stretch marks that are a type of scar. The stimulation reduces stretch marks' visibility and improves the appearance of the skin.

The fractional micro-puncture on the skin also allows the infiltration of active substances into the skin, which makes the treatment even more effective. Mesotherapeutic cocktails, mesotherapeutic cocktail and other preparations that are based on silica, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids can be used to treat this condition based on the treatment area. This is a type of mesotherapy using needles.

Which areas of my life can I be treated?

The device is a great source of flexibility. It can be used to treat your entire face, neck as well as your neck, abdomen, cleavage or abdomen.

Because of its small size, it's easy to apply even in the most difficult places such as around the eyes and mouth.

Dermapen treatment - features:

It can take between 20 and 45 minutes. Depending on how large the shift is, it could be between 20 to 45 minutes.

The skin is numb with an anesthetic cream, then thoroughly disinfected. We perform multiple passes to make sure that the areas of treatment are as precise as we can after applying the correct preparation.

During the treatment, an even redness of the skin is visible, with the possibility of bleeding from spots

No hematomas nor bruises are possible even with the puncture being that is as deep as 2.5mm.

After treatment after treatment, it is recommended to apply a protective or suitable nano-mask to the skin. The masks are renowned for their ability to speed up healing and reduce inflammation.


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What is the procedure?

Prior to the procedure the skin is anesthetized with cream. The treatment takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes depending on how large the skin area. Each treatment is done using disposable heads that are sterilized and a number of thin needles constructed from surgical steel.

Specialists determine the appropriate depth at which skin is to be punctured. This is dependent on the particular procedure being performed. For instance the puncture depth for the delicate eyelids will be 0.5 mm. The scarring depth or stretch marks will be 2 mm. The puncture depth allows you to precisely determine which layer of skin is being treated.

The skin is punctured at a frequency of 90 Hz. It is estimated that there are 1000 micropunctures made every second.

The therapy can be complemented with cocktails that contain Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins and peptides along with amino acids, DMAE and organic silicon. To soothe the skin, you can make use of a collagen regenerative panel.

The treatment only takes several days to heal. However, it can cause irritation for up to two days. You should avoid swimming pools, saunas hot baths, hot tubs, and alcohol immediately following treatment. The sunbathing should be avoided for a few weeks. The skin should be well moisturized.

Dermapen What number of treatments are available and what is the cost in Pompano Beach?

The amount of treatments required is an individual question and is contingent on the state of the skin. As a rule, the first effects can be seen already following the first treatment. The majority of clients choose to schedule a series of two to five treatments. They are done at specific intervals. The location and reputation of the beauty shop will affect the price of the Dermapen treatments. A package that contains multiple treatments may provide discounts.

The best side effects follow the treatment.

apparent wrinkles that appear to be shallow.

Skin thickening

Reduced shadows under the eyes

natural stimulation of collagen production

Reduced visibility of pores

Reduced visibility of stretch marks

Redefinition of acne scarrings

skin color uniformity

The flexibility and tension of the muscles can be increased

hair loss treatment

The combination of TCA acid and skin micro-puncture is suggested for patients suffering from scarring.

Dermapen 4 has won numerous awards including the Las Vegas award for BEST Medical Device in April 2012.

DERMAPEN 4 is the most modern, technologically advanced device for micro-needle skin mesotherapy.

DERMAPEN treatment. DERMAPEN's patented technology AOVN, which is Advanced Oscillating Vertical Neeling (AOVN), allows it to puncture skin at a rate up to 1300 per hour. The system of pulsed needles delivers active chemicals deep into the dermis or epidermis.

The resulting skin micro-injuries that result are sensitive and use the natural, inherent ability to repair tissue and the physiological stimulation of collagen. For injection, you can make use of mesotherapeutic shakes or platelet-rich plasma, as well as preparations of hyaluronic acid, amino acids and silica Vitamins and growth factors, as well as peptides.

The entire process takes about 30-45 minutes. We recommend that you do 4-6 treatments over a period of 2 to 4 weeks.

Similar effects are achieved by the Erbium Yag laser.

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Where to use

Here are some signs to think about treatment. The procedure can be done on the following: forehead skin, eyeslids and neck neck, cleavage, abdomen and thighs.

The device is tiny, handy, so you can use it even in hard to reach parts of your body (e.g. You should place it around your mouth or eyes.

It is essential that needles do not contain nickel or chromium. The treatment is available for allergy sufferers.

The treatment works from both the inside and outside to rebuild the skin's structure. It increases the growth of superficial factors and fibroblasts and production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

It improves skin tone, density and elasticity, helps reduce wrinkles and nourishment, reduces pores and capillaries and gently lifts, removes sun discolorations and evens out skin tone (stimulates melanogenesis), eliminates stretch marks and scars (acne post-burn, post-traumatic, postoperative) and improves the contour of your face, helps to treat alopecia.

It is safe, fast, and virtually effortless.

Contraindications to mesotherapy include pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as infections, autoimmune diseases; coagulation disorders; tendency to scarring. aspirin), cancer.

Effects of micropene

It is likely that you reside in Pompano Beach Therefore, you can get the benefit of this method. The micro-needle-dermatolo-palm pen can be utilized to treat mesotherapy. It stimulates the skin to create collagen and increases the elasticity of skin. The therapy has many visible benefits, including:

There are less visible marks or pores.

Your skin shines

Elastic facial skin

The oval of the face is able to be raised

Hands that are smooth, hydrated and have no wrinkles or wrinkles.

Firm and velvety, without cellulite

To get the most effective results, it is recommended to perform a series of three treatments (every 2 weeks), followed by 5 treatments (frequency of once per month). Depending on the individual reaction, the first signs appear after the second or third treatment.

Removing acne scars

Complexes can result from acne scars that can be found in a variety of sizes and forms. Dermapen devices are a new option to reduce or completely eliminate scarring. The doctor will decide the parameters of the device according to the severity and typeof scars. The treatment works by improving the structure of the skin and creating new collagen fibers. This leads to the regeneration of the epidermis, and increased skin elasticity. The skin will first be anesthetized before any active substances (platelet rich plasma or silica) are applied. These substances are delivered to the most fatty layers of the skin by pricking. The effects on the skin of active ingredients are 1000 times more powerful than the effects of conventional treatments.

Dermapen to treat stretch marks

The device is designed to stimulate the skin's natural regeneration processes. The therapy is designed to cause trauma to the deeper layers of scar tissue and the skin. After examining the skin, the depth and location of the puncture will then be decided. Stretch marks are atrophied and can be seen in. The way that stretch marks are placed upon the skin causes them to develop into skin lesions. These skin lesions appear initially as red, but then turn white. They are most common in the breasts, stomach, and buttocks. In the beginning (when stretch marks appear red) it's quite simple to eliminate stretch marks using the Dermapen device. In therapy the use of platelet abundant plasma (or other active substances) could be beneficial. Cream anesthesia can be used to anesthetize patients throughout the process. It is important to be healthy prior to the procedure. Avoid aspirin and other blood thinners for at least a week prior to the procedure. The skin will get more flexible and firmer after a few weeks. The structure of the skin will improve and stretch marks will fade or become less prominent. The process of a series of treatments may be required based on the severity and extent of stretch marks. The treatment's effects may last for several years depending upon the kind of skin. It is possible to moisturize your skin with products that reduce swelling after the procedure. Within a few hours the reddening and irritation on the skin will disappear. Creams that contain sunscreen, with a minimum of SPF50, are recommended for this period.

Revitalization of the face, and elimination of wrinkles

Depending on the depth and the number of wrinkles the treatment can be performed once or as a sequence of treatments. In the initial appointment, the doctor will determine the number and intervals of treatments. If a thorough examination is conducted to determine the condition of the skin and the depth of wrinkles, the physician may deem it necessary to utilize hyaluronic acid platelet rich plasma, or other active ingredients. These substances may improve the therapeutic effect and provide satisfying results. Dermapen improves the condition of skin through stimulating collagen and the production of elastin. After the treatment the skin will appear taut elastic, flexible and wrinkles will appear shallow. The patient should discuss his expectations about the treatment with the physician at the time of the initial appointment. The doctor will then be able to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment and suggest the best actions. During the consultation the doctor will tell you the procedure's course the procedure and suggest actions following the procedure. It should be remembered that some diseases are contraindications for the procedure, therefore you must be truthful with your doctor. Only an in-depth consultation as well as an extensive medical history are capable of delivering the desired results.

Do you find it difficult to treat the condition?

Dermapen Warsaw comes with an automatic feature for skin pricking which increases the efficacy of treatments. This allows active substances to penetrate further into the skin and reduces discomfort.

There may be some discomfort in the area. As you age, your perceived discomfort decreases in frequency and intensity.

A mild burning sensation may be felt immediately following the Dermapen treatment. For the next few days you may notice redness and swelling in the treated area. The skin can be tender and a little tender. This is a normal reaction of the skin to treatment. It doesn't require special attention and will disappear on its own.

Hematomatomas can also be a possibility when you puncture the skin.

Dermapen - treatment after treatment

Following the dermapen treatment, the patient must avoid sun exposure for six weeks. After the procedure, you are allowed to resume your normal activities. The doctor suggests using specific cosmetics to reduce small swelling and accelerate the healing process.

Some patients will feel a little bit of burning after treatment. This could cause skin reddening next day. You should follow your physician's advice as your skin can also start to peel. Patients will see results in a week.

You should do multiple treatments with dermapen to see improvements in your skin for longer. At least two to five. But, it is recommended to allow several weeks for between treatments.


Unlike other cosmetic treatments, such as chemical peelings or microdermabrasion, MICROPEN does not affect the epidermal layer. This minimizes the possibility of potential complications, and permits patients to experience discomfort.

The patient may be a bit itchy and burnt right after the procedure. The treated area may experience redness, swelling or hematomas for a few days.

Following the procedure, it's suggested to avoid the solarium or sunbathing for 6 weeks.

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