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What Is a Microcurrent Facial?

How to return youthfulness and freshness to your face with minimal time spent. And most importantly, at the same time, do not harm your body. In this sense, microcurrent therapy is what you need.

Microcurrent therapy for the face is a popular method to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of wrinkles. The procedure allows you to stop the natural aging process, make your face shiny and fresh. How does it work? Facial microcurrents have a complex effect on the body: they anesthetize, stimulate cell regeneration, fill cells with beneficial microelements and oxygen. The method is based on the effect of low voltage electrical impulse current on the skin, subcutaneous muscles and nerve endings.


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The skin fades, wrinkles appear, elasticity is lost, swelling and stagnation occur. This is due to cell damage. Microcurrent method is a method of low-frequency currents on skin cells. For this purpose, a special device with two electrodes is used, which in contact with the skin, affects the cells by low-frequency currents.

What is microcurrent stimulation?

Microcurrent stimulation activates all metabolic processes in soft tissues: in skin cells, subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscles and vessels. Under the influence of microcurrent increases the flow of blood, which drives oxygen and nutrients into the cells. This increases the production of its own elastin and collagen, and as a result, wrinkles are smoothed.

Does microcurrent therapy really work?

As a result of microcurrent therapy, the membrane potential of cells changes, which, in turn, leads to activation of metabolic processes and restoration of damaged skin cells, production of collagen and elastin. Microstimulation has an impact on muscle tissue, restoring muscle tone and blood vessels, improving lymphatic drainage. At the same time, a mild non-invasive effect of current completely eliminates tissue damage and infection.

Does a microcurrent facial really lift your face?

The complexion improves, it is lighter, excess fluid is removed from the cells, swelling is gone. In addition, through microcurrents, nutrients are introduced into the cells from the ampoule, which is applied to the face immediately before the procedure, depending on the condition and needs of the skin. Thus, as a result of microcurrent therapy, muscles are toned, the face oval is lifted and the skin rejuvenated. In addition to facial rejuvenation, microcurrent therapy is also effective for couperose, acne, vascular mesh, problem skin, swelling after plastic surgery and laser resurfacing.

How can microcurrent help:

  • make the skin smooth, supple and clean, giving it a smooth tone and a pleasant healthy tone;

  • form a clear oval face;

  • remove dark circles and swellings around the eyes;

  • gently "lift" the looming upper eyelid;

  • make the scars almost invisible;

  • effectively fight cellulite, vascular sprockets;

  • relieve pain, restore skin after traumatic procedures - plastic surgery, laser resurfacing, chemical peeling and similar;

  • relieve acne, excess greasiness;

  • relieve spasm of tense muscles and at the same time tone weakened muscles.

And all this - without pain, without recovery period, with an increase in effect for several months!

Why do we need microcurrent therapy?

This procedure activates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers, increases muscle tone, improves lymph outflow, normalizes metabolism, provokes microcirculation in tissues. In addition, microcurrents also have a detoxifying effect, activate the immune system and sebaceous glands.

The effect of microcurrent therapy:

  • cell regeneration

  • muscle tone improvement or relaxation of tense muscles

  • cellular biochemical processes activation

  • improved blood flow and lymphatic drainage

  • elevator

  • skin nutrition and hydration

  • bump correction, flabbiness, cellulite correction

  • sebaceous normalization

  • cellular toxin and radical removal

  • vascular strengthening

  • melanocyte stabilization

  • skin tone uniformity

Indications for microcurrent therapy:

  • face oval lifting and modeling, improving skin tone

  • shallow wrinkle treatment

  • couperose treatment

  • oily skin treatment, acne, post acne

  • removal of stagnant processes such as swelling and lymphostasis, removal of bags under the eyes

  • recovery period after plastic surgery

All of the above effects are achieved by applying electric current to the cell membranes, which contributes to a deep restoration of the epidermis and dermis. Low frequencies of electrical impulses can penetrate deep into the skin layers, so the microcurrent therapy is carried out to correct age-related changes or as a means of rehabilitation after surgery.

Stages of procedure

It is recommended to use serum before starting microcurrent treatment. There are bleaching, antiacne and peptide, serums, the use of which depends on the desire to get this or that effect. After the procedure, it is not superfluous to use a collagen mask. A small increase in price for this additional service will be quite commensurate with its quality.

What happens during a microcurrent facial?

Hardware methods are usually grouped according to the physical factors on the basis of which they work: electrical procedures, ultrasonic, radio magnetic, thermal, laser, etc.

The very name of microcurrent reflects the essence of the method - electrocurrent in microdose. Current strength and its frequency have minimum values - from 20 to 800 microA, and this indicates the safety of microcurrent procedures, the absence of potential complications and the need for rehabilitation period.

Microcurrent affects not only the upper layer of skin - epidermis. The depth of its passage inside affects all soft tissues - dermis, cell membrane, subcutaneous fat, muscle layer, blood and lymphatic vessels. This is what determines the effectiveness of microcurrent therapy. Some muscles that "hold" the face in youth, over time, spasm, sink, relax, others - on the contrary, come into hypotonicity. The corners of the eyes and mouth are lowered, the neck, forehead muscles are tensed, and the face "floats".

During the microcurrent procedure, muscle tissues contract - delicate and gentle due to microdose electrocurrent. By choosing the direction of movement of the electrodes, the master works to eliminate specific skin problems of the client. In this case, the form of the electrodes does not matter - it is a matter of convenience of the master. Buttons, cylinders, fork-shaped single / double - the cosmetologist chooses for himself. The exception - the electrode in the form of a gurney, because of its large size, it is used to work on the body. It is also possible to use microcurrent gloves - the choice of a specialist. Some masters in them work on the body, others hold a session of preliminary lymphatic drainage microcurrent massage on the face.


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The benefits of microcurrent therapy

Microcurrents are deservedly popular among cosmetologists and clients who have passed a course of manipulations. Doctors who have been practicing microcurrent therapy for a long period of time - more than 10 years, have their own proven picture of the effectiveness and efficiency of microcurrent application.

Features of microcurrent therapy as one of the types of cosmetological skin care - no age restrictions, visible results after the first procedure, prolonged effectiveness, safety, painlessness. Microcurrents do not harm the skin - of course, if all conditions are met: the microcurrent device has been tested with the issuance of certificate UKRSEPRO, the stated technical indicators of current fully meet international requirements for microcurrent equipment.

Today microcurrent is one of the strongest rejuvenating cosmetology apparatus techniques. Its visible effect appears after the first session of microcurrent - the skin looks fresh, younger, gets a completely different color - "earthiness" is gone. Clients with a round face note a visual "reduction" of roundness due to lymphatic microcurrent drainage, which removes swelling. Depending on the age and condition of the skin, the cosmetologist will make an individual program of microcurrent therapy, choose the most appropriate preliminary and final procedures.

The only not very pleasant nuance accompanying this procedure is the appearance of a metallic taste in the mouth. But this phenomenon is a purely individual one, which does not affect the client's well-being and level of efficiency.

Microcurrent therapy is a procedure that does not require any rehabilitation period. Leaving the office after a session of microcurrents, it is enough just to brighten eyelashes and apply shine on the lips - and with a shining face, great mood and confidence to go conquering the world!

Microcurrent effect on the face

  • Lymphatic drainage property. Lymph drainage is aimed at removing liquid from tissues in order to get rid of swelling.

  • Lifting effect. The result is a firm, healthy and even skin.

  • Mechanical cleaning. Microcurrents allow to clean pores from excess fat and contamination with alkaline solution and electric current.

  • Mesotherapy. Electric current affects the ionic bonds of the epidermis and can replace injection methods. Thanks to microcurrents, protein metabolism is started, thus helping to get rid of enlarged pores, pigmentation and expression lines.

  • Biostimulation and get rid of expression lines. Electric current acts on the muscles, training them, thus helping to eliminate expression lines.

In conclusion, it is worth repeating that microcurrent therapy of the face is a painless, comfortable, fast and effective rejuvenation procedure, which has a wide range of indications and has no side effects.

How many procedures do you need?

The specialist should determine your skin type, problems, general condition, and 1-2 procedures will make it clear how your skin responds to microcurrents.

However, you will see the result after 1 session! That's why some visitors to our center come to the microcurrents before an important date or other important event: the procedure not only transforms the face, but also gives a lot of pleasant sensations that improve the mood, help to relax.

Each time the effect of transformation increases. Moreover, it increases after the course, as if you visit a beauty salon every day.

On average, for a lasting rejuvenating effect it takes 5 - 6 treatments once every six months. If you wish, the condition and indications of the course can be repeated more often or less often - everything is solved in communication with the cosmetologist.

What are the contraindications for microcurrent?

Any physiotherapeutic manipulation has its own contraindications - the geniuses of mankind have not yet invented a cosmetological apparatus that would suit any patient, regardless of their health status and individual characteristics of perception. Each method has its own limitations for use, including microcurrent. Despite the low values of current and frequency, not all clients can use microcurrents - contraindications are of medical nature. This procedure is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, during infectious diseases and skin rashes, at high blood pressure, asthma, liver diseases, poor blood clotting, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, in the presence of pacemakers. Careful to be people who have crowns and pins.

The procedure of microcurrent has no age restrictions. It is contraindicated in case:

  • vascular diseases;

  • oncology;

  • pregnancy;

  • the presence of cardio and electric stimulators;

  • installed implants;

  • epilepsy.

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