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DermaPen, or microneedling, is a method of stimulating and regenerating collagen fibers and other elastin fibres. It is performed using a specialized device that has several microneedles and punctures the skin. The micro-injuries that result are a result of the body's inherent ability to heal the skin and physiological induction of collagen. The skin also has more pores and is therefore able to handle high-concentrated drinks.

It is possible to increase the microcirculation and oxygenation. The skin's tension rises dramatically. The lines of mimicry start to receding and the contour and ovality of faces increases.

Microneedling is possible using modern equipment that utilizes the principle and pulsed needles to facilitate skin pricking. Microneedles can penetrate up to 2 millimeters deep, which permits for active substances to be injected further in the dermis.
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Microneedling Homestead is a treatment that has a very wide range of results. A series of microneedling treatments stimulates regeneration mechanisms to combat signs of aging skin like wrinkles, loss of firmness and wrinkles. It can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. In combination with appropriately selected preparations it is an effective weapon in the fight against other imperfections.

Why does microneedling even work?

If you live in Homestead, FL you should like this procedure. DERMAPEN offers a broad variety of therapeutic indications and great results, and is therefore universally applicable to all skin types. We can achieve the following therapeutic benefits.

Fractional micropuncture can improve skin's texture and appearance by stimulating collagen production.

Discoloration - Since we have the ability to control melanogenesis processes, we can attain the same skin color and shape.

Scarring reduction - we can enhance appearance of scarring post-operatively as well as after scalding. The body produces new skin by stimulating the regenerative process, which could replace the scar. So we act not only from the outside but also rebuild the structure of our skin from the inside of the body,

Stretch marks ā€“ the same procedure as fractional-micro-puncture allows for the treatment of stretch marks. They are a type of scar tissue. The stimulation of stretch marks can decrease their visibility as well as improve the appearance of skin.

The fractional micro-puncture of the skin also allows the introduction of active substances into the skin, making the treatment more efficient. Mesotherapeutic cocktail and mesotherapeutic plasma are used to treat the skin. The treatment area is determined by the indication. It is a type of mesotherapy treatment.

Which areas of my life can I be treated?

The device is a great source of versatility. You can use it to treat the entire neck, face as well as your abdomen, neck and cleavage, or abdominal.

Because of its small size, it's simple to apply in the most difficult areas like the mouth and around the eyes.

Dermapen treatment - features:

It takes between 20-40 minutes. It is contingent on the size and complexity of the project.

The skin is then anesthetized using an antiseptic cream and thoroughly disinfected. After applying the correct preparation to the skin, chosen according to the kind of skin as well as the problem being addressed, we create several passages in order to cover the treated surfaces precisely.

Spot bleeding is possible in the course of treatment.

Despite a puncture that is deep up to 2.5 millimeters, there are there are no bruises or hematomas.

Following the procedure, we apply an appropriate mask to protect ourselves, or appropriate nano-masks, which, thanks to their properties, speed up skin healing, relieve swelling and redness, but do not cause inflammation.


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What is the procedure?

Prior to the procedure, the skin is anesthetized with cream. The procedure can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the area is. Each treatment is done using a disposable disposable head that's sterilized and a number of thin needles constructed from surgical steel.

Specialists determine the appropriate depth at which skin should be pricked. This is dependent on the particular procedure being performed. For instance, the amount of the skin punctured will vary depending on where it is treated. This will allow you to identify the layer of skin that is being treated.

The skin is punctured up to 90Hz. It can produce as many as 1000 micropunctures every second.

This therapy can be complemented by cocktails that include hyaluronic acids, vitamins, peptides and amino acids, DMAE, organic silicone, and other substances. Then, in order to calm the skin, a regenerative-healing collagen panel can be used

The time to heal is short and the irritation may last up to two days. Avoid saunas hot tubs, hot tubs, swimming pools, and alcohol within the first 24 hours of the treatment. Do not sunbathe for at least two weeks. The skin should be well moisturized.

What are the prices for Dermapen treatments in Homestead?

The amount of treatments required depends on the skin condition. The first visible results will usually be evident following the initial treatment. Most clients opt to have a series between 2-5 treatments. They are done at specific times. The price for the Dermapen treatment depends on the location where the salon is located and the popularity of the salon. It is important to remember that some businesses offer discounts when you select a package that consists of a variety of treatments.

The most beneficial side effects are a result of the treatment.

The visible wrinkles are less noticeable.

Skin is becoming thicker

Reduced shadows under the eyes

Natural stimulation to stimulate collagen production

Visibility of pores reduced

Stretch marks are less visible

Reduction of acne and scarring

skin color uniformity

Flexibility and tension can be increased

hair loss treatment

Patients with scarring, like acne, should consider skin micro-puncture.

Dermapen 4 has been awarded many awards, including, in April 2012, the Las Vegas prestigious BESTMEDICAL DEVICE award.

DERMAPEN 4 is the latest technology, most advanced device for micro-needle mesotherapy.

DERMAPEN treatment. DERMAPEN's patented technology AOVN, which stands for Advanced Oscillating Vertical Neeling (AOVN) permits it to puncture skin at a rate as high as 1300 per hour. The system of pulsed needles delivers active chemicals deep into the dermis or epidermis.

The micro-injuries that result in fragile skin injuries are caused by the inherent, natural ability of tissue repair and physiological induction to collagen. You can inject silica and hyaluronic acid as wells as platelet-rich Plasma, and other preparations containing vitamins, growth factors such as peptides, hyaluronic, and silica.

The entire procedure is between 30 and 45 minutes. We suggest that you take at least four treatments each week.

Similar effects to dermapen can be accomplished with the Erbium laser

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Where to use

Treatment guidelines. The procedure is done on the facial skin and eyelids (neck), neck, cleavage and abdomen.

The device is small and easy to access, meaning that it is able to be used in all areas that are difficult to reach on your body (e.g. The device should be put close to your mouth and eyes.

It is essential that needles do not contain chrome or nickel. Treatment is also possible for allergy sufferers.

The procedure restores the skin's structure working from both the inside and out. It increases the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

It improves the skin's texture as well as elasticity and density. nourishes and reduces wrinkles and capillaries. It reduces the size of pores and capillaries, gently lifts, eliminates sun discolorations and evens out the skin's tone (stimulates melanogenesis) and removes stretch marks and scars (acne post-burn, post-traumatic, postoperative) and improves the contour of your face and helps treat alopecia.

It's also very safe and easy to use.

Contraindications are pregnancy and breastfeeding and infections. aspirin), cancer.

Effects of micropene

If you are a resident of Homestead so you're sure to benefit from this process. Micro-needle dermatologolo-palm Pen is used in mesotherapy to increase the skin's production of collagen and increase its elasticity. These are only some of the obvious side effects:

This will lead to less visible pores and scars.

Skin glowing with glow

Elastic face skin

Raising the facial oval

Smooth, hydrated hands that are free of wrinkles and wrinkles.

Firm and velvety without any cellulite.

To get the best results, you should do three treatments every 2 weeks. Then, you should do five treatments (frequency: once every month). The initial symptoms and signs will differ according to the individual's response.

Treatment of acne scars

Complexes can be result of acne scars that are different dimensions and forms. One new method to lessen or eliminate the scars is with the Dermapen device. The doctor will decide the specifications of the device based on the extent and type of scars. The treatment works by restoring the skin's structure and generating new collagen fibers. This results in creating a new epidermis and improving the elasticity of the skin. The skin must be anesthetized prior to the active substances can be applied. The active substances are then absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin via pricking. Active substances can have an even greater impact than the traditional application of skin.

Dermapen is a tool for dermatology for stretch marks

The device stimulates natural renewal processes and the skin is repaired. The therapy is designed to inflict damage on the skin's deeper layers of scar tissue and the skin. The size of the puncture is selected after the skin is examined. The stretch marks are of atrophied scars. Based on the direction of the stretched skin they form skin lesions, which are initially red and then change to a white hue. They most often appear on the stomach, breasts and buttocks, as well as the thighs. The Dermapen device is a great tool to remove stretch marks at their initial stage (when they're red). In the course of therapy the use of platelet rich plasma (or other active substances) can be useful. The procedure is performed with anesthesia by applying cream. The treatment is performed under anesthesia with cream. After a few more weeks your skin will appear firm and tight again. The structure of the skin is likely to be renewed, and the stretch marks may become smaller or disappear. There could be a variety of options based on the extent or size of the stretch mark. Treatments can last several years dependent on the type of skin you have. Following treatment, you are able to apply a moisturizer to your skin using products to lessen swelling. The skin will become less red and itchy after several days. Apply creams that have filters for the skin, preferably SPF50.

Face rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles

Based on the severity and the number of wrinkles the procedure can be done at once or in an ongoing series of treatments. In the initial appointment the doctor will decide the number and intervals of treatments. The doctor may suggest using active substances, like the hyaluronic acid or platelet rich plasma or any other active substances to assess the skin's condition and its depth. These substances can improve the effectiveness of the treatment and provide satisfactory results. Dermapen changes the skin's ability to create collagen, elastin, and other substances. The skin will appear more flexible and taut, as well as having fewer wrinkles. The patient must discuss his expectations about the treatment with the physician during the first visit. This allows the doctor to assess if there is a possibility of achieving results, and plan the necessary therapeutic actions. During this consultation the doctor will go over the procedure to you and then suggest any action. Be aware that there may be some medical conditions that are not suitable for the procedure. Discuss this with the doctor. Only a well-conducted initial consultation, accompanied by a complete medical history, will result in the desired outcomes.

Is the treatment painful?

Dermapen Warsaw utilizes an automated skin-pricking function to increase the efficacy of treatments. It improves the absorption of active substances into the skin while decreasing pain and discomfort.

There is a possibility of feeling discomfort around the area that has been treated. The intensity and frequency of discomfort you feel diminish with each day.

After the Dermapen treatment, you may experience a slight burning sensation and itching. In the days following, you might feel swelling and redness in the treated area. The skin can be tender and slightly painful. This is a normal response of the skin to treatment. It doesn't require special attention and will disappear on its own.

Hematomatomas can also develop, as after each puncture of the skin.

Dermapen - treatment after treatment

After the dermapen treatment the patient is advised to stay away from sun exposure for six weeks. You can resume your regular activities right away after the treatment. In order for the skin to heal faster, the doctor recommends the use of special cosmetics designed to relieve small swellings on the skin.

Patients might experience a slight burning after the treatment. The skin may be slightly redder over the next few days. The doctor might suggest that you follow his/her instructions. The patient will begin to see improvements after about one week.

You should do multiple treatments using dermapen in order to make skin improvements visible for longer. At least 2 to 5. However, it is important to wait several weeks before beginning a new treatment.


MICROPEN is not like other treatments for cosmetics like microdermabrasion and chemical peelings. This helps to reduce the risk of potential problems and reduce the discomfort of patients.

Patients might experience a slight itching or burning immediately after the procedure. For several days, redness, swelling or hematomas may develop within the area of treatment.

It is suggested that you refrain from taking a bath or using the sun after the treatment.

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